Dorset Local Nature Partnership

Potential funding for pollinator projects

 10th Jan 2017


Invitation to join partnership bid

To help deliver the National Pollinator Strategy, launched in November 2014, Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) have been invited by Defra to competitively bid for funding for local pollinator projects.  The anticipated level of funding available for each successful application will range from £1,000 to £4,000 depending on the specific details of the project.

Dorset LNP submitted a bid in the first round of this funding in July 2015.  The bid was sadly unsuccessful and only five projects receiving funding nationally.

Dorset LNP is enquiring if there are forum members who are interested in working with us to submit a bid to this funding.  If you are interested in being part of a bid please contact the LNP Manager as soon as possible (by 20 January at the latest).

The deadline for applications to Defra is in early February 2017.  Successful projects are expected to run between the end March 2017 and end March 2018.

Successful projects will need to:

  • Raise awareness of the call to action message, ‘Bees’ Needs: Food and a Home
  • Engage local influencers in a strategic way to promote land management advice
  • Help to secure commitments from large-scale land managers to follow Bees’ Needs advice

Defra expects proposed projects to be sustainable beyond the grant funding period and projects must links strategically with any wider plans for the National Pollinator Strategy.

Please contact the LNP manager as soon as possible if you are interested - .