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Natural Choices: Invitation to activity providers

 17th Feb 2016

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As part of the Natural Choices roll out we are now inviting activity providers to submit projects to be run under the Natural Choices brand.  The initial deadline for submitting activities is Friday 11 March after which submitted projects will be sent to LiveWell Dorset team who can then start to make referrals.  After this point activities can be submitted at any point and will be sent to the LiveWell team for inclusion at regular intervals.

What is Natural Choices?

Natural Choices is a scheme supporting patients who fall within the low risk category and have been identified in experiencing low risk mental and/or physical health problems, such as low mood, mild anxiety, sedentary lifestyle or stress.  The role of Natural Choices is to provide health care professionals with an easy pathway to signpost people with low risk physical and mental health conditions to a wide range of recognised providers offering activities using the natural environment.

Activities under Natural Choices are geared towards beginners - getting people outside who don't normally do these types of activities and would benefit from encouragement and guidance from a trained activity leader.

Once registered the activity details will be given to LiveWell Dorset who will refer people on to the activities relevant to helping the client achieve their health and wellbeing aspirations. 

How do I get involved

More information and registration forms can be found here.

More information

If you have any queries please contact Maria Clarke, LNP Manager on or 01305 264620.