Dorset Local Nature Partnership

My 30 Days Wild: Week 2

 17th Jun 2016

West Bay big

Week two summary

Here's a summary of the Dorset LNP Manager's second week of 30 Days Wild.  See week one here. Daily updates available on Twitter @mariaa_clarke.

8 June

Rock pool

Day eight was World Oceans Day so I made the most of a beautiful evening and took Jetta down to Ringstead to walk by the sea. Jetta was braver than I and had a paddle in the waves.   I had a look in the rock pools which I hadn’t done for years – it brought back lots of childhood memories and made me feel like a child again. 

9 June

Sea anemone

On day nine I was feeling inspired by my rock-pooling so I tried to identify the anemone I’d seen.  I wasn’t sure if it was a beadlet anemone or a strawberry anemone.  At work I showed the picture to Emma, a marine conservation officer and I was amazed by the list of things she said where in the picture.  I’d spotted about five things but there were nine different things – and the anemone was a beadlet! 

10 June


I thought I’d look out for mini-beasts on my morning walk on day ten.  There were bees on the red campion, lots of snails, and a couple of interesting spiders.  I did try to look them up but I’m not a huge fan of spiders and I got a bit freaked out looking at the pictures! I can just about cope with them when they are outside, but inside (and in books it would seem) I do have a bit of a phobia!

I also received an email from the Tick Recording Programme (see day two update), who had received the specimen I sent and identified it as a female Ixodes ricinus. I was amazed how quick the response was!

11 June


I was working in West Bay (see top page) on day eleven, so I decided to go for a quick paddle.  It was a lot warmer than I was expecting!  Sadly the event was fairly quiet but we did have a model of coast where visitors could make a plasticine models of things linked to the coast to add to the scene which was quite popular.  I made a beadlet sea anemone (inspired by day nine)!

12 June

Jetta woods

I wasn’t feeling at all wild on day twelve and I almost took Jetta to one of our usual Thorncombe woods walk.  But I made the effort and although we still went to Puddletown Forest we took a bridleway on the opposite side of Rhododendron Mile.  It was a lovely walk (as you can see Jetta enjoyed it!). We found a pond, I think a green carpet moth and a male scorpion fly as well as lots of wildflowers, including germander speedwell, pink campion and buttercups.  So having not felt inspired when I left the house I felt a lot wilder and relaxed by the end of it.

13 June


I had a meeting in Wareham on day thirteen so I took an early lunch and headed down to wander by the river and Priory Meadow.  There were a lot of bees in the meadow area, but I didn’t see much of the species listed on their interpretation boards.  On the river there were plenty of mallards, black headed gulls and a couple of swans.  I also saw a couple of goldfinches who were far too fast to capture on my camera.

14 June


On day fourteen I enjoyed looking at the bees in my garden – I saw two types of bees feeding on the flowers.  I was also pleased to that see my borage and sweet peas are starting to flower.  Hopefully these and the lavender (once it starts to flowers) will attract even more!

Week three to follow soon....